Drum School Project

The Rhythm Is Cooking!

Drum School Project

The rhythm is inside!


With the Motto of “ drums, a fate and not choice“ is a play I've built this program. And I enjoy it every second.

The children are always motivated, attentive, curious, and have a lot of joy.

If I'm to be called your presentation in front of 500 children, students and adults games, I am always pleased, because today I have scattered re-500 seeds of creativity, let's see what this implies...at the time, a student said: "The rhythm of Cooking, school party ideas for elementary school", and he was right!

It creates the opportunity to write something nice, not to solve a Problem, to be bored, or to grow even beyond itself. As I have experienced it, I do not own drums had for a long time, as a result, I have allowed myself to be but do not be discouraged, I took pots and pans, forks, snow broom, just everything I could and made my own music...

“The rhythm is there”: it All starts in our head and all is Learning to be Sustainable, if it goes through the whole body. Rhythm is no exception! Everything we think, or in the head play, listen to, and create, we can transfer it with our hands in music. These acoustic curiosity in every child, no matter how musically it is. When I was a child and no drums had, I noticed, that my head and my ears are found every day and everywhere rhythms, no matter where I was, and what activities I was engaged in. I was curious to try it everywhere, in order to know whether all the rhythms found the I in the head, and the game would be...Slowly I began to collect all kinds of everyday objects, with which you could create rhythms: Beat, Rasp, Rattle, drums, Slide, etc....A permanent attempt to transfer, what is added in my head for a long time and lived: rhythm.

Today, as a professional drummer, the students and I will be in a Workshop Format, the ways of finding this curiosity again, and to experience. In everyday life we from the leaves in a magazine, a Pat on the vessel, brush our teeth – the place where we are, as the noise – where we are, because rhythm is! In this Workshop, students get such everyday items, such as buckets, plastic tubes, brushes, print media, nuts, thimbles, thermos flasks, and more, with the rhythms can produce. A creative drum Workshop that trains the perception and coordination, and students to re-discover that the rhythm is in all of the objects.

In times where Social media and electronic games are the most important work in the lives of children and young people, I find it particularly important and a good thing to not be able to give you a Motivation or idea that music and rhythm only exist in YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, but in our own head. That you bring your own everything, to be able to make music.

Words Beats, Body Percussion, notes, breaks, Latin American rhythms, Up-Beats, and much more designed. Even Beat-boxes to the music, which is for the SUS is often an incredible experience, if 40-50 people together in a certain rhythm, Beat-Boxing, just unique! Thus, the SUS to experience a different physical access to the language and its sound.

"The rhythm is there" is interactive in a very original, interactive percussion project that promotes creativity, coordination, training, trivia, conveys, and, finally, motivated.

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