Drums in elementary school

Despite the rain and the storm outside – the pupils of the primary school in Fränkisch-Crumbach have drummed, danced and clapped, that of it to feel in the gym, nothing was.

Through a diverse repertoire of strategies in dealing with music, the pupils can be encouraged in your physical, mental and emotional development, and by rhythmic games and movement aesthetic-arts of expression, ability to develop. The rhythm, in connection with movement, plays a major role, as well as the social interaction and the joy of shared projects.

Especially now, we find it really important that the children can experience many beautiful moments as possible. Although the schools are, despite the high incidence of open, which allows the contacts to each other as an important pillar of being together again, however, took place in the last two years due to Corona no larger projects or School festivals. That is why we have decided to have a drum-project.

It was a great success! With a fun and exciting cooking-the history of Mr. Chernicoff showed together with the children the different rhythms and Exercises: Clapping, Stomping, and language of the children took up the rhythm, Tempo, or volume of the music, and the music, accompanied with movement and brought "betrommel indirect instruments" to: pots, pot lids, bowls, spoon, and whisk.

Die Kinder waren hellauf begeistert, sind gespannt der Kochgeschichte gefolgt und haben mit vollem Einsatz und Freude die Rhythmen nachgemacht, neue einfache Möglichkeiten zu musizieren kennengelernt und durch die musikalische Nutzung der Küchen-Utensilien versucht, ein Taktgefühl zu entwickeln. Nebenbei brachte Herr Chernicoff den Schüler*innen noch ein paar lateinamerikanische Rhythmen wie Cha-Cha-Cha oder Salsa bei.

Herzlichen Dank an Herrn Chernicoff, der

nicht nur die Schüler begeistern konnte.

Auch in den Lehrkräften schlummerte

das eine oder andere Talent und wir sind

grateful for the successful music Event.

C. Spann, Headmistress



Theatre with special rhythms

25. March 2019 Current Gelstertal School Dog Lshausen The Rhythm Of Cook (Javier Chernicoff Theater drum)

He was now a chef or a drummer? The children wondered, as Javier Chernicoff on the cooking broom pots with snow, and other kitchen appliance made communities to music and different rhythms performed.

We were all very excited and hope to see again soon!

Drums in elementary school

Theatre, the drum in the primary school The rhythm is Cooking!
The professional drummer from Argentina, Javier Chernicoff, enthusiasts, and students of the Aschberg school with various Latin American rhythms.

His Solo performance, he embedded in the humorous narrative framework of a chef, the rhythm, the cook, again and again. The "Blow" of course, as he is called, not drummed on a conventional Drumsbut used all the possible kitchen appliances. With knives, spoons and cutting boards, he was able to achieve this amazing sound results to those of a normal drum set in little net Andes. In addition to the jokes, the elementary school students with cracks, especially the parts of the demonstration, in which they could self-clap. In the image of the artist, Javier Chernicoff to see, with its kitchen-drums the Beat skip.


Primary School Lauer Theater Drum Poppen Hands-On Concert

On 21.05.2022 the musician Javier Chernicoff was with us at the school to be a guest to his Talent in the field of Percussion to show. But what was it? In the gym, our second-to fourth-classes expected no classical percussion, but a very friendly man in chef apparel. He told us vividly of its difficulties in everyday Cooking, because the love to all sorts of sounds and rhythms to distract him from work.

The classic drums replaced, therefore, in his imagination, a variety of pots and other kitchen appliances. Also, some of our children were allowed to put their musical Talent to the cooking pot proof. The drumming at the end of cooking enthusiasts Big and Small, however, not only with his witty stories, he taught us by the way, a couple of Latin American rhythms such as Cha-cha-cha or Salsa.

We would like to thank you for an extraordinary imagination of the us, especially in the kitchen, surely for a long time with the joy back to think.

The rhythm is cooking

Under the title "The rhythm is cooking!" was the Argentine drummer Javier Chernicoff, a former member of the Band "Salsa Celtica" from the United Kingdom and percussion teacher at the music school of the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg, in the 25.09.2021 two concerts in our new auditorium. In doing so, he brought literally the kitchen to the stage.

In the 3./4. Hour of the eight klässer attended the demonstration, in the 5./6. Hour of the Seventh-graders were in the enjoyment of the humorous program. But not only Watching and listening was announced, the audience was involved. Many students reported that when it came to accompany Chernicoff on one of his kitchen instruments.

"Cool" and "funny" – the enthusiastic feedback from the audience.


Schulprojekte Ideen

In elementary school, nine-castle in the snow makes brushes the music

In his guest the game is the guest from South America, wowed in three concerts, the nearly 300 elementary students. He played on traditional instruments, but used pots and pans, tea kettles, whisks and other kitchen utensils, as well as his voice.

Framed by lively rhythms, he told in the role of a chef's apprentice is a story. The student char clapped and moved enthusiastically to the beat. Many children were also in the pleasure to make music with Javier Chernicoff in front of the audience.


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